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Sonic Liberation 8

Sonic Liberation 8 has a secret. Traditional folk forms and modern forms were never in need of interconnection for agency. Whether it was the composers employing folk-informed melodies within new music, classical and modern jazz, or the very modern and sometimes free-form melodies of Afro Cuban Orisha Music from a half a century ago, they’ve always coexisted. Sonic Liberation 8 is the realization of traditionalism and modernism as natural accomplices. Read More Here…

Sonic Liberation 8 with Oliver Lake & Classical Revolution Strings Trio

An expanded 12 piece ensemble features alto saxophonist & composer Oliver Lake. Sonic Liberation 8’s new album  Bombogenic, sets Mr. Lake at the confluence loft jazz, Afro Cuban Yoruba music, new chamber music with th Classical Revolution Strings Trio. Oliver Lake composed original music specifically for the ensemble. He also arranged his World Saxophone Quartet classic, Love Like Sisters for the record and performances. Read More Here…

The Dream Book

is an multi-media live performance featuring 27 artists interpreting dreams – Sonic Liberation 8 with Kulu Mele Dance Company, The Members of Prometheus Chamber Orchestra, Moor Mother Goddess, Mayita Angarica with Baba Rumba, Hubbard & Son, filmmakers. Read More Here….

John Coltrane’s Kulu Sé Mama

Sonic Liberation 8 presents 12 artists in a live performance of John Coltrane’s 1965 album, Kulu Se Mama. This album serves a bridge in Coltrane’s development. It marks the beginning us his use of African percussion and also, his exploration of African spirituality. Read More Here…

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