SL8 With Oliver Lake & Strings


An expanded 12 piece ensemble features alto saxophonist & composer Oliver Lake. Sonic Liberation 8’s new album  Bombogenic, sets Mr. Lake at the confluence loft jazz, Afro Cuban Yoruba music, new chamber music with th Classical Revolution Strings Trio. Oliver Lake composed original music specifically for the ensemble. He also arranged his World Saxophone Quartet classic, Love Like Sisters for the record and performances.

From the Bombogenic Liner Notes (LP)

“The beauty shines through. Do yourself a favor: put on your headphones or get close to your speakers, and close your eyes. Hold someone’s hand. Take this journey. By the time you get to track six, “Streamin’,” you will already be transported. And then, it is time for Professor Lake to begin spinning his magic. You don’t need to look to the future, you are there. We are here, now. We are in this together. Music reminds us of our gifts, our responsibilities, and the spirit of life.

And beauty shines brightly.”

– Steve Rowland, oral historian and radio documentary producer, two-time Peabody Award Winner (Miles Davis Radio Program, Leonard Bernstein: An American Life, Carlos Santana: Music For Life)

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the ensemble is at its best on the new Bombogenic (High Two), which raises the stakes by folding a string quartet into the arrangements and enlisting superb alto saxophonist Oliver Lake, who unleashes one tart, exciting solo after another and even brings a handful of compositions to the table. — Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader


There’s something magical—a sense of ritual, perhaps—going on in this particular combination of sounds that stays with the listener long after the record is over.

Much of the Sonic Liberation 8’s new release, Bombogenic, has something similar going for it. Here, it’s the fricative forces which emerge when “classical” strings encounter Yoruba-inspired Afro-Cuban bata drumming and the keening sounds of modern jazz woodwinds.

The addition of the Classical Revolution String Trio and jazz legend Oliver Lake to the core band is a great example of the whole becoming something greater than its already impressive parts.

[Oliver Lake] wrote two pieces, “Streamin’” and “Floatin’” specifically for the Sonic Liberation 8 plus strings. Both have that magical something mentioned above: that unique tension one hears when strings and traditional polyrhythms are pitted against each other in a different contexts. – Dave Wayne,

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